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  • Quick and Easy for florists to use! No pins, wire or glue!
  • Strongest magnets in the industry!
  • Eliminates pin holes, easy to put on and adjust!
  • Flowers last longer with less handling!
  • Simplifies inventory! BoutStix is one size fits all!

BoutStix are premium floral magnet sticks used by florists when making boutonnieres and corsages.
No pins, wire or glue, BoutStix are simply wrapped with flowers!
BoutStix is the easiest to use corsage magnet available.

Each flower magnet stick has a high-powered magnet completely imbedded at the top and it’s unique patented hourglass shape keeps BoutSTIX in place after wrapping.

Contact us if you have questions.

Cheers to the little things - BoutStix

CAUTION: WEARING A PACEMAKER or ICD? This floral piece contains a magnet and will have an affect on a pacemaker or ICD. We do not recommend this floral piece to be worn with a pacemaker or ICD. Please print and attach a BoutStix label to each boutonniere and corsage from our Media page.